The Bach

‘The Bach’ outdoor shower is made from an upcycled Surfboard, you can supply your own board which may have sentimental value or maybe you just want to upcycle your surfboard that can no longer be used on the water.

The board can be any size (even a knarly old longboard can be used… provided you have the space to fit it!). Your board can be of any material and can be sealed to protect against the elements.

Our pipe work is done in standard gauge copper pipe which is hand formed to your individual needs and all joins are brazed according to best industry practices.

Our sample board has polished brass Humpfrey & Shultz tapware, however your shower can be customised to fit your needs as we have access to all styles of tapware and finishes.

Includes tap which can be setup as either hot, warm or cold so you can rinse off your feet or attach the hose and wash down your pets, Surfboard, boat or anything you can think of with warm water (maybe even your other half if you are feeling adventurous).

Your surfboard outdoor shower can be freestanding or fixed to an existing structure.

Our Sample board is the cream High Voltage brand board, the sky blue Pyzel board is one of our showers installed.

Pricing starts at $1850 + GST

Get in touch with us to discuss your idea.